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How it works

Water Pigeon is an alternative solution that takes the traditional standards for monitoring water usage and brings it to utilities in a way that has never been done before.


We use today’s technology to capture photos of a meter face and run our optical meter reading software to create a numerical reading for the utility. These numerical readings are then sent to the utility using the cellular network to insure a secure and reliable data transfer. Once received, our dashboard gives the utility access to photo verification, live analytics, and XML file downloads.

Installation is easy, fast, and secure. In a matter of minutes you can convert an analog meter to a fully functioning smart meter with little to no effort.




  • Low capital cost

  • Low life cycle cost

  • No meter replacement required

  • No wireless network construction

  • Rapid deployment

  • No service interruption

  • Improved customer relations

  • Valuable and timely water usage data

  • Photo verification of meter read



  • Residential Meters

  • Commercial Meters

  • Construction Meters

  • Recycled Water Meters

  • Submeters

  • Difficult access meters

  • Vault meters (confined space requirements)

  • Remote meters

  • Fire meters

  • Water Audits

  • Wellhead Meters

  • Miscellaneous instrumentation